About Our Teachers

cindi bersingerFounder and Director, Cindi Bersinger, R.N.

Cindi has devoted more than twenty years to improving the health and fitness of others and her approach to teaching yoga reflects this strong dedication to overall wellness. As a registered nurse with a background in emergency medicine and specialization in women's and maternal health, Cindi's knowledge of physical anatomy and structural function provide her students a healthy environment for the practice of yoga. Her expertise in yoga was highlighted in 2004 when, at the request of the coaching staff, Cindi began privately training the Jacksonville Jaguars football team. She implemented a yoga program for these athletes to maximize performance, manage stress and prevent injury. Observing the positive changes yoga has brought to these athletes who otherwise might not have been exposed to these benefits has been extremely rewarding. Cindi has trained and studied with master yoga instructors in New York, Atlanta, and Los Angeles and continues to attend professional workshops. Her extensive medical training and knowledge and experience as a certified yoga instructor have proven invaluable to her students and to the staff members whom she personally trained and mentored.

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Jenny WellmanStudio Manager, Jenny Wellman

Jenny has been practicing yoga since the opening of the studio in 2000. She has attended workshops and training with some of LA's top teachers. Jenny completed her 200 hour yoga teacher training at Discovery Yoga in St Augustine in 2016. Jenny is a perinatal health instructor and a certified lactation counselor. She enjoys teaching her kids and family yoga classes and loves seeing students build self esteem and respect for self and others.

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sandra hedrickSandra Hedrick

A personal trainer first encouraged Sandra to practice yoga for its physical benefits. After that beginning in 2005, she completed her 200 hour certificate in the Kripalu tradition and 50 hour power yoga certificate with the Asheville Yoga Center. In addition to strength, flexibility and overall health, Sandra finds that yoga quiets a busy mind and makes space for openness, patience and creativity. She enjoys guiding and accompanying others as they discover yoga's many gifts. Sandra has a Master of Divinity and law degree and works as a pastor, mediator/arbitrator, teacher and writer.

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Danielle LynchDanielle Lynch

Danielle Lynch began her personal yoga practice 13 years ago, as a high school student, to help with feelings of anxiety. Yoga has had a transformative and healing effect on her life, and she is excited to share yoga to help others. Danielle completed her 200 hour yoga teacher training at Discovery Yoga in St Augustine in 2016. She also brings yoga into her therapy sessions, as she is working as an occupational therapist for Brooks Rehab. Danielle has two fur babies, dogs Hank and Stella. Besides yoga she loves running, hiking, and travel.

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Rachel LeffersRachel Leffers

Rachel Leffers was first introduced to yoga while on her college golf team; yoga was part of the conditioning regimen. After college, she drifted away from yoga only to come back to it years later in search of a good work out. While providing a good work out indeed, she hadn’t made the discovery of yoga’s deeper benefits yet and thus drifted away from a steady practice. Rachel started working in the corporate world and needed a way to move the body, relax the mind, and ease stress. She came back to yoga. This time it wasn’t so much for the workout as it was the mental release. She found those 5 minutes in shavasana were the only true moments her mind became still. After realizing the connection between mind and body, she came to depend on yoga’s benefits for moments she needed a clear and focused mind. This realization is what led her to become RYT 200 with the Yoga Alliance in 2016 in hopes that she would be able to share the life-changing benefits that yoga can offer with others.

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Missy ParkisonMissy Parkison

Over many years, Missy’s practice has shifted in emphasis – from breath work, to flexibility and strength, postural alignment, mental clarity and ease, and spiritual awareness – toward a recognition of how all of these aspects of yoga work together. In 2013, she completed her 200 hour certification with Chris Crews in Evansville, Indiana. Missy hopes she can serve others in developing their practice at the studio, at home, and in the world. She is a lay ecclesial minister with the Catholic Diocese of St. Augustine and is working toward a Doctor of Ministry focusing on Spirituality.

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Hanya FarahHanya Farah

Hanya is a native of Jacksonville, Florida. She is a licensed yoga instructor, who obtained her certification from Discovery Yoga. Hanya completed 200-hour program that was specifically designed to provide the training, practice and teaching experience for yoga instructors. Hanya’s focus and practice in Hatha, Kripalu & Vinyasa flow yoga techniques includes centering, warm-ups, postures, breathing exercises, deep relaxation, meditation and integration. She strives to continue focusing on helping students develop effective yoga techniques and to build a foundation in yoga philosophy, anatomy and physiology. Hanya deeply enjoys her connection with her students and designs classes to introduce new postures and to guide students into a deep, integrated yoga experience. Hanya is a caring and patient yoga instructor who cares the most about optimizing the student’s yoga experience.